The Art of Peace

  Here's my latest recording, "The Art of Peace". Lot's of pretty music. Please check out the videos on my youtube channel.   

My Sunset Sky

 These are all beautiful, original piano solos. 

You can download individual tracks here-

Bob Jackson Original Piano Compositions

  I have a book of my original music available! It took me a year to put this together. There are 94 pages of music! If you are a piano player, or know one, please check out this book! It's all ten compositions from my recording, "My Sunset Sky".  

Bob Jackson Original Compositions

  Bob Jackson Original Compositions was recorded in the studio. Bob was a music composition major in college, and has been writing music all his life. Please check it out!!  

The Saddest Poem


Here's some very pretty music. All originals. 

You can download individual songs here.

I'd be glad to autograph it for you!